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data-driven experience design

Two’s company.

Batman & Robin. Rum & coke. Hall & Oates. Copy & paste. Bacon & eggs.

Great things come from unusual combinations.

Our philosophy is rooted in dualism: Methodologies, capabilities and processes which appear opposite, can in fact be remarkably complimentary. 

Data-driven experience solutions 



We partner with our clients to focus on the strategic techniques needed to develop – and enhance – customer value and business gains.

Customer & Market Strategy
Customer Data Strategy
Experience Strategy
Experience Roadmapping
Experience Prioritisation & Planning
Experience Business Casing


Data Analytics

We use quantitative and qualitative data sets to identify customer paths and behavioural patterns, in order to isolate and optimise.

Customer Profiling
Customer Journey Mapping
Customer Journey Analytics & Insights
Behavioural Analytics & Insights
Behavioural Mapping
Behavioural Segmentation
Value-based Segmentation



We believe human behaviour sits at the heart of everything. We merge data and tech to create real-world solutions for people, not products.

Service Blueprint Design
Experience Measurement Models
Data Visualisation & Dashboards
Value Proposition Design
Business Model Design
Personalisation Design
Ideation & Concept Development

We believe in truth by numbers.

To create amazing experiences, you have to start with the data.

Why data-driven science is more than just a buzzword

The great empiricists of the 17th century believed that if we used our senses to collect as much data as possible, we would ultimately understand our world.

Use it or lose it: the search for enlightenment in dark data

More than 80% of all data is inactive, unmanaged, often unstructured, lacking meaningful metadata, and even unknown to the organisation.

Explainer: what is experience design?

Designing experiences that acknowledge and potentially positively transform the whole person appear vital to sustaining long-term partnerships.

Designing artificial brains can help us learn more about real ones

Despite billions of dollars spent and decades of research, computation in the human brain remains largely a mystery. Meanwhile, we have made great strides in the development of artificial neural networks, which are designed to loosely mimic how brains compute. We have...

Only 11% of brands effectively use customer data

As consumers expect more and more personalized experiences, the ability to effectively leverage customer data is shifting from a “nice-to-have” to table stakes.

Data lakes: where big businesses dump their excess data

Machines and the internet are woven into the fabric of our society. A growing number of users, devices and applications work together to produce what we now call “big data”. And this data helps drive many of the everyday services we access, such as banking. A...

Owl & Robot begins

This is the start of Owl & Robot's mission to create value-based, data-driven customer experiences.

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